Journal Club: January 19th 2015

Advanced Directives at the End of Life – POLST versus Will to Live

Where: Ebo Room, Rigali Center

When: Vespers at 6:00 pm, and Speakers and Refreshments and Discussion from 6:30-8pm.


  • Sister Mary Edith, RSM, co-author of the CMA White Paper on POLST
  • Dorothy Yeung JD, formerly with National Right To Life Will to Live Project

The POLST form (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) is a new type of end-of-life document being widely promoted and implemented across the United States, but not without risks for sound clinical and ethical decision-making.

More information on the CMA analysis of the POLST form, with a link to the full document, can be found at

The Will to Live form provides a practical, legally-vetted alternative for Catholic healthcare and institutions to address the challenges of end-of-life care.

More information on the National Right to Life Will to Live Project can be found at


Additional Resources
POLST and MOLST: Are you signing your life away? (YouTube)