2017 CMA Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp: June 19-25, 2017

The 2017 CMA Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp, offered in partnership with St. Charles Borromeo Graduate School of Theology, will help medical students and residents to (1) more fully live and understand the Catholic faith and moral tradition in order to thrive as faithful Catholic physicians; (2) develop skills to help organize Catholic support groups within medical schools and residency programs; and (3) evangelize Catholics and non-Catholics encountered throughout medical training. Eligible students include those currently enrolled in medical school, and those who will be matriculating into medical school in the summer or fall. Residents may apply, as well.

The Boot Camp is June 19-25, 2017; students and residents should plan their arrival for the evening of the first day and their departure in the morning of the last day.

Successful applicants will be responsible for a $50 application fee and 10 percent of their travel costs. All other expenses shall be covered. Attendees must be members of the CMA.

To register, please download and complete the registration form.  Then save the form on your computer and email it back to us; fax to (866) 666-2319; or mail back via U.S. mail with payment.  If paying by credit card, fax the form or just call us to give us your credit card information instead of emailing that data.  All applications must be received by June 1.

Click here for the printable boot camp flyer.

Thank you,

Tara Plymouth, MTS, BSN, RN
Director of Membership Services and Public Policy

(484) 270-8002


Notes for local St. Louis Guild members:

The St. Louis Guild offers scholarships for students who need assistance with the camp’s costs. See comments below from Adam Reinagel, who attended last years camp with assistance from the St. Louis Guild:

“The CMA Student Boot Camp was a week-long opportunity to network with like-minded medical students, learn more about controversial medical issues in the light of Catholic Church teaching, and spend many hours in prayer and reflection. Throughout the week, I was especially inspired by some of the younger physicians who shared stories of obstacles they faced because of their Catholic identity and how they overcame them. The boot camp gave me a new-founded confidence in my Catholic faith that will guide me both in my medical school training and my future practice as a physician. Because of this experience, I have met many medical students across the country who are eager to join the army and fight for the truth. I highly encourage all Catholic medical students to attend the boot camp, and I am grateful to the national CMA and St. Louis Guild for funding my boot camp journey.”

Adam Reinagel